Terry May’s Close Price to List Price Ratio

I sell my listings for the highest price possible.
See my excellent list-price-to-sale-price ratios.

“According to Hudson Gateway MLS, for the last ten years, Terry May’s average List Price to Sale Price Ratio has been an average of 98.75% for her seller clients.”

  • Close Price to List Price Ratio Percentage

What does this statistic mean to a seller?
“Of all the listings I have sold and closed in 2019, last year, on an average, I obtained 99% of the asking price for my sellers!

That means I work with my sellers to price the homes accurately, help them get the home ready for sale, give the home unsurpassed marketing and exposure, and act as the strongest possible negotiator on my sellers’ behalf. My vast experience helps my sellers obtain the HIGHEST possible sale price. In my case, in 2019, I averaged 99% of the list price: some of my listing were sold over the list price, some exactly at their list price and some very close to their list price. Selling your home for the highest possible price is vitally important to me, and to my sellers.”
~ Terry May