Terry May Is A Master Marketer and Negotiator

No Substitute For Experience
Terry May Is A Master Marketer & Negotiator

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019
Story By Joseph Kuhn

Theresa “Terry” May of Better Homes and Gardens – Rand Realty is perhaps the most accomplished realtor that Rockland County has to offer. The winner of Better Homes and Gardens Emerald Elite Award, the Five Star Service Award for outstanding customer service, and BHG’s Legend Award, it’s possible, at first glance, to confuse Terry’s office with a walk-in trophy case. There’s a good reason for that. A 30-year veteran of the industry, Terry is an expert at everything realty. She is a master marketer and negotiator, is well-versed in home design and has an encyclopedic knowledge of zoning laws and building codes. Terry also has trusted relationships with professionals in every field related to real estate. She has teams of attorneys, painters, electricians, tax assessors, handymen and movers at her disposal and ready to help any prospective home owner or home buyer. Terry and her associates pride themselves on professionalism and customer service and maintain a positive working relationship with both their contractors and clients. Terry’s reputation speaks for itself. She has consistently been able to help her clients sell their homes for 98-100% of their listed price. She has an almost supernatural ability to spot and solve potential problems before they even arise and knows the housing market like the back of her hand. Ms. May has a glowing reputation in the industry and long list of satisfied clients. Rand Realty customers have called Terry “a pleasure to work with”, “persistent” and “the only realtor that I will ever use!”

Terry’s professional qualifications are as impressive as her testimonials. As a licensed real estate agent in New York and New Jersey, Terry’s clients benefit from a much larger market of houses from which to choose. The dual certification also gives Terry unique insight into the real estate market as she is able to look at and participate in a much larger portion of the marketplace. Terry has also been named a Cartus Relocation Specialist, certified by the Cartus to help business relocate their operations, making her an invaluable asset to corporate clients. Perhaps her most admirable attribute is her willingness to learn: despite decades of experience and know-how, Terry remains dedicated to learning new things about the industry. She keeps current with the latest technologies and marketing strategies used by realtors and strives to be as informed and prepared as possible when approaching a new sale.

Terry May is one of the best realtors that the county has to offer and a consummate professional. Rockland’s homebuyers and sellers should look no further than Terry May for their real-estate needs.

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